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Homem Scholarship Fund

A bequest by past president Maria Homem created the Homem Fund for the purpose of providing scholarships in her name to needy and deserving music students.

In recent years, the Homem fund has provided funds for instruments and lessons in lower income public school programs, the UC Young Artist program, and the Maria Homem prizes at the Etude Club's annual Young Artist Competition.

This fund is drawn upon annually, so please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund so that we may continue to provide the much needed support and encouragement to young musicians.

To find out more about the Homem Fund, please contact Claire Lavery.


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The financial health of ECB relies on members' dues and donations. Your donation ensures that can continue to provide our community with free live music performances.

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The Scholarship Fund is supported independently of ECB dues and must raise new money each year for its annual Young Artist Competition. Contributions made to the General Fund are used to meet the approved budget and to help keep dues from rising. Donations to ECB are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.