Welcome to ECB´s 2022–2023 season. Once again we are pleased to present classical music programs prepared and performed by our members.
Performances are free to the public, begin at 1 pm.
Please join us at the Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA.
Program for November 28th, 2022 – 1pm
Performance 1
Prelude in C Major (2022)
Coyote Old Man (2018)
Quartet Sketches (2021)
William Beatty (b. 1956)
William Beatty, Piano
Performance 2
Intermezzo, Op. 116
Sonata in D minor for Violin and Piano
Un poco presto e con sentimento
Presto agitato
Intermezzo, Op. 118, no. 2
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Jerry Kuderna, Piano
Nato, Violin

President´s Corner

Dear Members and Friends,

Thanks to all who helped make our October meeting a success: performers, Deborah Long for arranging the program, Bruce De Benedictis, who not only tuned our piano gratis but also substituted for stage manager, and to our enthusiastic audience. Also, thank you to Jason Schulterbrandt for printing the programs and preparing the Etude Handbook.

Our next meeting will be November 28th, the Monday after Thanksgiving. This holiday affords us a special opportunity to appreciate the Etude Club for it wonderful musical performances and to cherish vital friendships.

The Etude Club extends a big thank you to Pat Atwood for her donation to the Young Artist Competition fund, and to June Browne and Fran Tannenbaum Kaye for their donations to the General Fund. We gratefully welcome donations, which are tax-deductible, from members and the community. Donations may be sent to our treasurer or online at www.etudeclub.org.

In addition, we would like to welcome a new general member, David Hillis.

We will be treated this month to original compositions performed by William Beatty, and to 2 Brahms Piano Intermezzi and the Sonata III for violin and piano, performed by guest artists, Jerry Kuderna and Nato. I look forward to seeing you later this month.

Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving,
Janet Weinstein