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ECB Suppports Young Musicians

Awards and Grants

We are proud to play an active role in the continuing education and encouragement of young musicians. Our scholarships exist to keep their enthusiasm and interest in music alive.

ECB sponsors an annual scholarship competition to promote the musical development of students ages 13 - 18, who reside in Alameda or Contra Costa counties. Winners receive cash scholarships and perform for ECB at the winners' concert in May.

A second grant, funded by a bequest from Maria Homem, targets music education programs that create opportunities for underserved children and youth.


2024 Scholarship Awards

Young Artist Competition

Junior Division Winners

1st Place
Valery Breshears, Violin

2nd Place
Sora Corro, Piano

3rd Place - tied
Jiayu Song, Piano
Joshua Tittiranonda, Piano

Senior Division Winners

1st Place
Ariel Pawlik-Zwiebel, Violin

2nd Place - tied
Starla Breshears, Cello
Natalie Burr, Piano

3rd Place - tied
Dustin Breshears, Violin
Rebekah Sung, Viola