Welcome to ECB´s 2018–2019 season. Once again we are pleased to present classical music programs prepared and performed by our members.
Performances are free to the public, begin at 1 pm, and are followed by refreshments. Please join us at the Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA.
Program for January 28th – 1pm
Performance 1
English Suite No. 6 in D Minor, BWV 811
Prelude and Fugue
J.S. Bach (16851750)
Deborah Long, Piano
Performance 2
Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI: 23
Joseph Haydn (17321809)
Louise Milota, Piano
Performance 3
Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448
Allegro con spirito
Allegro molto
W. A. Mozart (17561791)
Janet Weinstein, Piano
Jen Chang, Piano

President´s Corner

We have arrived in January wow, the NEW YEAR and with it Etude Club's birthday. We are 115 years old this month. What a landmark to celebrate. The refreshments for our January program will feature a special birthday cake to commemorate this great achievement.

The January program will be Monday, January 28 at 1 pm. You can see the program will be a piano extravaganza. How fitting for our birthday party.

Hospitality chair Suzie Lundeen's team for January will include June Browne, Bi Le, and Janet Weinstein (refreshments), Grace Rutledge (greeting), and Katy Wilson (setup and cleanup). The team could use one more volunteer to help with cleanup, so if that would fit into your schedule, please contact Suzie at hospitality@etudeclub.org.

Membership Chair Hildred Yost reports that we have one new member who joined us in December Marilyn Siegel. And Treasurer Sandy Watkins reports contributions to the YAC fund received from Julia Wenk and to the general fund received from Liesel Tilles and Susan Carter ("donation in honor of Jason Schulterbrandt").

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday to the Etude Club of Berkeley!

Sue Waller